Master Courses

Sharing a secret

The “Quasthoff Method”

What is so fascinating about Thomas Quasthoff? What makes him so different from others? How does he do it? Can anyone learn it?

Yes in principle; one of the most important parts of Thomas Quasthoff’s work as a musician are his much sought-after “Master Courses”. They are designed for singers who are in the advanced stages of their studies or have already completed their professional training.

Rather than only using the shorter and more usual masterclasses, Thomas Quasthoff’s master courses are more demanding, run over several days, but are key to how Thomas is able both to inspire and train the great voices of the future.

Thomas Quasthoff trains his students on stage, working with enormous precision and intensity on the technical and interpretational challenges of classical singing. The master courses are generally open to the public – it is advisable to apply well in advance, as there is a huge demand from both potential participants and audience members.

The dates and organisers of Thomas Quasthoff’s master courses can be found under concert dates.

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